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NEW Teflon Coated Raptor

Curve-Shank micro barb in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 due in Jan 09 £3.65 In Stock

New Raptor Curve Shank

NEW Leadcore leaders in 1m and 1.5m

Available in Original Camo, Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel and Choddy Silt

from £4.50 In Stock

NEW Leadcore Colours

Strip-Teaze Combi Rigs.

Strip-Teaze Combi RigsIn hook patterns BIG-T, BIG-T Barbless and D7, & LONG-SHANX, £2.15

Carp RigsCarp Hair rigs by E.S.P

only £2.15



Leadcore Helicopter Set-upLeadcore helicopter set-up. Leaders are constructed using a splice at both ends to produce extra strong streamlined joints with maximum potential breaking strain, they are highly abrasion resistant, camouflaged and has true lead wire core making them extremely supple

Bulk Leadcore


Bulk Leadcore 25 metre available in Weedy Green

Sandy Gravel and

Choddy Silt £14.50


Splices needles 3 in a packet £4.50

The way to splice

splices needles





Braid blades

Braid blades ideal for all carp braid and mono.£3-99


Bollie Pult

Boilie Pult designed to fire boilies maximum distance with minimum spillage and tight grouping £8.99


Esp particult pult

Particle Pult designed

to deliver large quantities of particles quickly and efficiently



ESP Raptor hooks corrosion resistant pearl black finish.£3.65

G-4 Raptor

A closer look at the G-4

T-6 RAPTORA Closer look at the T-6

MK-2 stiff riggerA closer look at the MK-2 stiff rigger

P.V.A Bags

PVA bags comes in plan or perforated.

Mini 50 x 100mm 25 bags per packet.

Multi 85 x 100mm 20 bags per packet.

Bulk 85 x 175mm 15                                 packet.

                           Sock 60 x 220mm 15

                           bags per packet £2.40

pva kit

PVA Mesh Kit

Comes in 20mm and 32mm kits will make sticks up to 6" the mesh is knitted from ultra fine pva mesh and is therefore ideal for maggots.


6" StickCompressed Stick

PVA Mesh Kit 32mm.

pva mesh 32mmIs designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait and is therefore supplied with a moulded funnel which fits securely in place over the top of the bait tube.£6.99

System Showing Funnel

Bag Already Tied

32mm and the 20mm pva refills both are a nominal 6m in length20mm refill32mm refill

32mm £3.99

20mm £3.85



Bait FlossBolt Clips

Bait Floss                  Bolt Clip Kit

£2.99                         £3.50

                                  Size 9

12 BoreAnchor Rig Tube

12 Bore                    Anchor Rig Tube


Big-EyeHigh Perfomance Carp Swivels

Big-Eye                   Carp Swivels

£2.35                  £2.65

Clip-LinksHair Braid

Clip-Links               Hair Braid

£2.99                     £3.99

HairstopsHelicopter Rig Kits

Hairstops                    Rig Kits

£1.99                          £4.50

Leadcore Oval Rig Rings

Leadcore                      Oval Rig Rings

7m 45lb B/S                   £2.65



Ghost Fluorocarbon

100% pure fluorocarbon with the same light refraction properties as water. Available in 10lb,   12lb and 15lb £4.50

Strip Teaze

Strip Teaze

Coated Dyneema Hook Link, Weed Green, Gravel Brown .B/S 12lb,15lb & 20lb




Camo Waterproof Suits

Windproof, Hand warmer Pockets, Internal Security Pockets, Heavy Duty YKK Zips, Double Layer Waterproof Camo SuitsMaterial on Seat, Knees and Shoulders.

In sizes M, L, XL, XXL




Thermal Bivvy Suit

Quilted,Breathable, Wind and Shower Proof, Hand warmer Pockets,Internal Security Pockets, Adjustable elasticated Straps, Bivvy SuitDetachable Hood, Quality YKK Zips, Extra Large Zipped Front Pocket on Salopettes, Reinforced Seat and Knees

Suit in sizes M, L, XL, XXL




Hooded Fleece

Hooded Fleece

Fully Lined, Extra Warm, Adjustable Hood and Base, Hand warmer Pockets

In sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL



Salopettes & Quilted TrousersDouble  layered Fabric on seat and knees, YKK zips, Fleece Lined Hand, Warmer pockets, 2 Zipped Security Pockets, 2 Storage Pocket.

In sizes M, L,XL, XXL

Quilted Salopettes:£84.99

Quilted Trousers

Hand warmer Pockets, Double Layered Fabric on front on Waist to Top of Boot Zips and Seat.

In sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL


Waterproof Jackets

Quilted Jacket £89.99

Waterproof Jacket £59.99

Waterproof Hoody £49.99



Top: E.S.P T-Shirt

In sizes S to XXL


Middle: Urban T-Shirt Green

In sizes S to XXL


Bottom: Urban T-Shirt Brown

In sizes S to XXL


Green Fleece Hoody with Full Zip Hooded Sweat Shirts

100% Cotton, Adjustable Hood, Hand warmer Pockets.

In sizes S to XXL


Urban Hoody

Green and Brown, Embroidered Logos, Fully Length Zip

In sizes S to XXL


Polo Shirts

Polo Shirt

100% Cotton

In sizes S to XXL







E.S.P Cap


Fleece Hat


Beanie Hat


Bucket Hat



Sniper Rod NEW FOR 2009

Sniper RodE.S.P Sniper rods come in various test curves. 12ft 2 3/4lb, 12ft 3lb and 12ft 3 1/4lb.
These ESP Sniper Carp Rods are brand new and set to be a huge seller in 2009. The Sniper rods have a carbon weave effect and are ultra slim and are complemented by a shrink wrapped handle for superb grip while casting and playing fish.
These new ESP Sniper rods are the best looking Carp rods we have seen in a good while, they have all the features required by today's specimen hunters and have the bonus of coming from ESP who have a long history of producing quality rods.
The ESP Sniper Rods do not come in the traditional cloth rod bag, that you would generally never see again once your rods hit the rod bag, but each rod does come complete with a free pair of ESP Rod top protectors.

Terry Hearn MK-2 Rod.Terry Hearn MK-2

Features Include:
High Modulus Carbon Blank with Extra Strength 1K Woven Over-wrap. Fuji DPS 18 Reel Seat with Carbon Spacer. Slim, Full Length Duplon Handle with Titanium Fittings. Full SiC Guides and E-S-P Line Clip.

12ft 2.75tc £199.00Terry Hearn MK-2   2.75tc

The shock absorber tip helps prevent hook pulls, especially around the net, and the progressive power play action means that you can 'bully' hard fighting carp in weedy or snaggy conditions. The rod will comfortably handle a wide range of leads from 11/2oz to 31/2oz and reach 100m plus on its optimum casting weights in the 21/2oz to 3oz category.

12ft-9 3.25tc £199.00 Terry Hearn MK-2  3.25tc

Excellent compression and casting performance is obtained with weights in the
2 1/2oz to 3 1/2oz category and distances of well over 100m are easily achieved. The blank is more than capable of handling heavier leads and large P.V.A. bags at short to medium range.

Vertex Distance


Features Include:
Tough Marbled Graphite Overwrap. Non Slip Contoured Low Profile Handle. Fuji Reel Seat with Reinforced Carbon Collars. Full SiC Guides and E-S-P Line Clip.

These 'state of the art' blanks combine a new grade of high modulus carbon with an advanced resin bonding system. The result is an ultra low diameter lightweight construction with remarkable distance casting performance and fish playing properties. The distance casting performance is further enhanced by a powerful mid-forward action and the special Vertex tip design provides perfect impact/shock absorption to reduce breakages & hook pulls at close range.

12ft 2.75tc                          £179.99

12ft 3.75tc                          £189.99

12ft 4.5tc

Marker Rod

ESP Marker Rod

12ft 3.25tc



E.S.P Landing Net NEW FOR 2009

E.S.P Landing Net6ft to 8ft Extender 42" Arms, 36" Gape, Anodized Aluminum Spreader Block supplied with net float in Olive or Camo.



Polarised Sun-Glasses

With woven E.S.P neck cord and protective case.

Polarised Sun-GlassesClearview





2mm Polycarbonate Lens wrap around frame



Bait Pouches

Bait Pouches





Barra Bag


Tough waterproof Fabric, 3 External & 6 Internal Pockets, Detachable Padded Shoulder Strap, Padded Carry Handles, Heavy Duty Zips, Reinforced Base.

Dimensions H31cm(12in) L54cm(21in) W28cm(11in)


Cool Bag

Cool Bag

Insulated, Foil Lined, Detachable Shoulder Strap

Large 32 liters 42x32x24cm


                                  Small liters



Ruck Sack

Ruck Sack

Tough Waterproof Fabric, 3 External Fold Out Pockets & 2 Internal Pockets, Padded Shoulder Straps, Waist Support & Easy Lift Handles, Elasticated Lid & Nylon Expander Panel, Hard Wearing Moulded Base, Heavy Duty Zips.


Rod Quiver

6 Rod Quiver

Length: 1.26m, Capacity For 6 Made Up Rods, Large Central Compartment For Umbrella, 3 Pockets For Bank Sticks & Accessories, Detachable Padded For Shoulder Strap can be fixed either on the Left or Right Hand Side, Extra Strong Anchor Points, Heavy Duty Zips, Reinforced Base.



Quiver Sleeve

Quiver Sleeve

Provides Padded Protection For Rods, Fits E.S.P 6 Rod Quiver & Most Other Models, Full Length Zip Allows Easy Fit Over Rods, Snap Lock Buckles Allow Left or Right Hand Use of Padded Shoulder Strap.


Rig Wallet

Rig Wallet

Slime Line Design For Easy Storage, Plastic Hook Bars Prevent Any Chance of Blunting Points, Stores up to 60 Rigs of A Maximum 10.5in(26.5cm) Length, Supplied with 60 Custom-Made Rigs Pins In 3 Colour's for Colour Coding And Easy Identification.


Lead CasesLead Case

Padded Lining, Reinforced Base,Heavy Duty Zip, Removable Adjustable Dividers, Ideal For Storing Leads and Accessories.

In sizes S & L