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Breakaway Backrest conversion fits onto the Shakespeare boxes(illustrated is the beta box) but will back rest fitted on beta boxalso fit the larger box with a harness to fit on your back, comes with a template for easy fixing


5mm beads

Sea Match Beads multi-colored available in 5mm or 8mm.


Pier And Boat Rest

Pier and Boat rest a handy rod rest that fits onto boat or pier rails using rubber straps can be quickly fitted or removed ideal to carry in your box for any boat or pier trip.

CoastersCoasters a tough, lightweight reel mounting clips for surf rods


Cascade Swivels

Cascade Swivels the fool-proof relay system. Streamlines tackle for ultimate distance and presentation, minimizes casting stress.


Cascade Clips now with stainless steel eyelets for reduced corrosion.


Spinlink Clips a quick change clip for tackle up to 35lb test


Relay Clips

Relay Clips, for streamlined rigs that cast further and Minimize loss of baits.

Clever Little Devils

IMP1 (clever little devils)

miniature combination impact bait clip.

easier on both tackle and fish.

Over the years the shape and overall performance has changed to keep up with the demands of the most serious anglers.

Breakaway SL130

American Snap Swivels

American Snap Barrel Swivels

In various sizes starting from £1.25


Fast Link Clips

Instant Connection, Extra Strong


Alvey Bait Pump

Alvey Bait Pump

Versatile Bait Pumps manufactured by Alvey Reels in Australia to a deluxe specification for Shakespeare. Finished in stainless steel and fitted with new style pressure plates to maximize suction.



Twin Link


Versatile Double Ended Clip for Lead or rig changing


Cam Lock

Cam Lock

Security Latch for Nova and Beta Tackle Boxes



Impact Shield

Impact Shield

Combined Bait Shields & Fail-Safe Automatic Release Clip