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All the range of Grandeslam Bait Boats are available for special order from the shop.

Grandeslam bait boat

Grandeslam Wave Runner bait boat

This remarkable bait boat has been developed over a number of years to give the best facilities and performance of any boat on the market for a fraction of the costs. Electromagnetic failsafe release mechanism and independent hook release features make this the most advanced and effective bait boat ever made. With a host of advanced features it is hard to find a better bait boat at any price level.

Upto 400m range.
Super Bright Front Lights and Hi Intense LED for the battery Meter and the Hopper and the Hook release. Remote lighting control and
single joystick manouverability. Over 2Hrs running time and comes complete with mains charger and rechargeable batteries.
Handset Included.

Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

Twin independent hoppers with patented hopper release system.
Excellent for all baits including particles.
Twin independent rig holders with patented hook release system.
Stainless steel weed guards
10 ultra high intensity LED’s
Tri coloured battery meter
Remote Lighting control
All lights can be operated from the hand set
Range 500 to 1000m depending upon environmental conditions.
2hrs+ Running time at max speed
Supplied complete with charger.

Waverunner Atom Bait Boat

The New ATOM Bait Boat has been specially developed for the UK Angler. Small yet able to carry upto 1.5KG of Bait. Features all the great aspects of its big brother, the Waverunner.
Magnetic Hopper and Magnetic Hook realease