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Pre-Elasticated Top Kits

Extra Strong Top 2 Pink Bungee 14-16

Red Bungee 18-20


Carp Match Top 2 avaiable in

Yellow Bungee 10 to 12

Pink Bingee 14 to 16


Power Carp Top 2

Red Bungee 18 to 20

Orange Bungee 25+




Universal Top Kits

Cupping Top 2                          £29.99

Ex-Strong Top 2                          £29.99

Carp Match Top 2                        £34.99

Competition Top 2                       £44.99

Power Carp Top 2                        £29.99

Power Carp Cupping Top 2           £29.99


carp bungeeDrennan Pole master carp bungee is a tubular twin walled pole elastic with a hollow core and is available in 5 diameters.

        Nominal dia     Power rating  Green    1.8mm         6 to 8          

 Yellow 2.1mm          10 to 12

 Pink    2.5mm          14 to 16.

 Red     2.9mm          18 to 20.

 Pink    3.6mm          25 +

 RRP £8-95       inc 1 connector 

Winder Bungs

Winder bungs comes in mini, small, medium, large.

RRP £3-99.

Pole Elastic Connectors

 Pole Connectors small,medium,large,x large from            £1-99





The Drennan BOBBER float is ideal for riffles and shallow water and when using a small jig as bait.  The float is clear for a subtle presentation. 

1.2g, 2g, 3.5g, 4.5g

This heavy duty float is great for large, deep rivers.  The Drennan PIKER can be fished as a fixed or slip float.

6g, 11g, 20g, 28g, 40g

The stocky Drennan ZEPPLER is ideal in deep water and is stable through rapids.  It can be fished as a fixed or slip float.

8g, 11g, 20g, 24g, 35g

Drennan Float

New Drennan series 7 rods 6 in the range starting with.

Drennan Series 7 Rods




The Drennan puddle chucker carp feeder rod again offers unbeatable value for money.
Perfect for pellet feeder fishing where accuracy is required or any type of venue
where extreme distance is not required. Supplied with 3 quiver tops up to 3oz
This is a 2 piece rod available in either 10' or 11' lengths.
Now also available 12' method feeder.

Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder 11ft + FOC Rod Sleeve 

With ideal reel lines between 4lb & 7lb this rod is a really versatile all rounder. it will cast anything from bombs to big feeders and allow you to do so with accuracy and confidence. The three all glass quiver tips at 1 1/2oz, 2oz and 3oz give a softer more prolonged bite indication which is ideal for still water fishing in general and carp in particular. The special shock absorber through action is designed to reduce hook pulls and help to subdue bigger hard fighting fish quickly and efficiently.

Comes Supplied FOC in the all new Padded sleeve that has the Series Seven logo printed on the outside.

           feeder £79.99.

The Drennan Series 7 method feeder combo rod can be fished at either 10ft or 11ft 6 inches.

Method feeder fishing is a highly effective system which usually results in vicious takes from carp.

This requires a softer rod with a semi through action to help avoid breaks and hook pulls.

This combination rod has all these characteristics and is superb at either 10ft or 11ft 6".

It is ideal for all short to medium range carp fishing.

It is supplied with 3 slow taper glass tips of 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz.

The Drennan puddle chucker carp waggler is superb value for money and will
suit a wide variety of applications in particular pellet float fishing.
This is a 2 piece rod.

The Drennan puddle chucker carp waggler is superb value for money and will
suit a wide variety of applications in particular pellet float fishing.
This is a 2 piece rod.

A seriously powerful float rod which still retains excellent balance and feel.

Combined sensitivity with the progressive fish playing action, helps avoid hook pulls around the net when playing hard fighting carp.

Ideal reel lines from 3lb-7lb and for everything from standard waggler's to long range casting loaded missiles.

New Drennan series 7 luggage the flagship of the Drennan range.

65 litre carryall.



Groundbait mixing bowls

New Drennan mixing bowls set of 3 for just £9.99

Series 7 net bag only £7.99



Series 7 Caps

                        only                     £4.99