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Fish Friendly LogoTerry Hearn's own recipe - made from 100% natural ingredients and packed full of the finest bird foods and fish meals. This irresistible, natural food bait range provides carp with all their nutritional requirements

The Source

The source boilies


Liquid attractant


Marine Halibut Boilies and Pellets

The marine halibut range of boilies and pellets are packed with pre-digested fish meal,fish-oils and essential amino and fatty acids.

pellets available in 4mm,6,8,10.14,16(pre-drilled),and 21mm pre-drilled 1kg bag.

Boilies shelf

Pop-ups £

 Liquid attractant

FRESH FISH,MUSSEL & OYSTER BOILIE,Mussel and OysterMade with fresh fish instead of eggs making them more nutritious,attractive and digestible to carp.

1kg bag


liquid attractant

Monster Tiger Nut Boilies

Monster tiger nut boilie range is made with real tiger nut flour and tiger nut milk combining the natural sugars and attractants found in tiger nuts.



Liquid attractant

Indulgence spicy chicken boilie is made Spicy Chicken Boillewith the finest chicken extracts.



liquid attractants

Squid and octopus boilie range is a high attract fish meal carp bait.Squid and Octopus Boilie

500 Gram 




StrawberryStrawberry Boilie & ice cream boilie, is part of the hi-attact range,instant leakage of flavors and water-soluble attractants.

500 Gram bags



Tiger NutsMonster tiger nuts ready to use available in Monster,Mini and Chopped versions .cooked in jar/tin to retain all the naturals sugars from 2.5ltr tin 830g


Frenzied hempseed in tins/jars in originalHempseed and 2 new flavors spicy chilli & garlic,the new flavors are added before cooking process therefore allowing the attractants to penetrate deep into each grain for the ultimate in fish attraction.

prices from 2.5ltr

Tins 700g    


Richworth Baits

Freezer Baits

We have stocked this popular bait manufacturer for over 20yrs know there baits have accounted for many pbs and are used by many top carp anglers in uk and abroad

freezer baits

Freezer Baits available.

Tutti Frutti,

Crab and Mussel,

Strawberry Jam, Pineapple Hawaiian, Honey Yucatan, Esterberry, Multi-Plex, Tiger Nut,,

Com-Plex, Ultra-Plex and KG1. 1KG Bags all flavours £10.99.

Richworth Shelf Life 14mm Standard Boilies in 400g bags £5.50 available in.Richworth Shelf Life Boililes

Tutti Frutti, K-G-1 Pineapple Hawaiian, Banana Ester, Strawberry, Bloodworm, etc just to name a few

10mm Midi Bollies

10mm Midi Boilies

In 15 different Flavours

Tutti-Frutti, Strawberry Cream, etc



Dumbell Bollie Pellet

Dumbell Boilies Pellets

400g Bags in Tutti-Frutti, K-G-1, Crab and Mussel, Strawberry Jam, Halibut, Ultra-Plex, Bloodworm, Honey Yucatan, Pineapple Hawaiian.


Airo Dumbell Pop Ups 80G Tubs

Tutti-Frutti, Ultra-Plex, Pineapple Hawaiian, Squid and Octopus etc


Airo Dumbell Pop Ups ATG Tubs




Airo Pop Ups

Airo Pop Ups 80g Tubs

In 13 different Flavours

Tutti-Frutti, K-G-1, Pineapple Hawaiian, Bloodworm


Base Mixes

Flavoured Base Mixes

Available In 2.5kg and 5kg Bucket.

In Flavours Multi-Plex, Bio-Plex, Com-Plex, Ultra-Plex, K-G-1.

2.5KG Bucket £22.00

5kg Bucket    £41.65

Pop Up Mix

Ready Made Pop Up Mix

Just Add Water for Perfect Pop Ups No Need To Bake or Microwave.

Available In Dayglow Pink, Dayglow Yellow, Dayglow Orange, Fishmeal Base


50/50 Boilie Mix

Available In 500g Bag  £3.90

2kg Bag                      £11.00

6kg Bucket                  £29.50

10kg Pack                   £48.50

(No image Available)

Black Top Range Of Flavours

Black Top Range Of Flavours

Double Strength

3-5ml Per 1lb mix

Available in 24 Different Flavours

Most Popular being Tutti-Frutti, Strawberry Jam, Pistachio, Honey Yucatan, Plum Royal, etc.£4.85

Standard Range

Standard Range Of Flavour

As Above




Liquid Enhanchers and Flavourings

Clear Sweetener • Dense Sweetener
50ml: Multi Flavour Enhancer
• Sweet Enhancer • Bird Food Enhancer • Marine Mix Enhancer • Pink Seed Enhancer
250ml: Bird Food Enhancer
• Minamino • Richamino • Aqua-Stim NEW
500ml: Richfish Oil
• Feed Inducing Oil
• Worm Extract • Hemp Oil
• Herring Oil • Mackerel Oil • Pilchard Oil • Sardine Oil
• Freshwater Mussel • Lobster • Salmon • Scampi • Shellfish • Shrimp • Smelt • Sturgeon • Tuna • Oil Emulsifier

Starts From £4.85

Mainline Baits

Out soon the New Grange

The Cell 'Our best selling bait'

FACT 1 in 3 carp caught and reported is on a mainline bait

no need to give it the hard CELLForward thinking. Different. Staying ahead of the rest.

We could give you the usual advertising ‘blurb’ that goes with a new bait, but we won’t simply because The Cell is not the usual new bait.


And the rest of the range in.

Act iv 8


Fuzion.mainline freezer range

Activ-maple 8.


Pro-activ-Pineapple 1kg bags £10-99.


Pop-up Range

Pop-ups for the above range in stock


dumbell hookersDumbell hookers dedicated air dryed dumbell hook baits. 160g tub approx 90,

Available in.

Pro-activ Pineapple, Pulse, Fuzion, Cell,

Activ-8 and Activ-Maple-8.

Dumbell Hookers

Hook Bait Enhancement system can be added to pva bags as glug or for stick mixes etc, and Hook bait enhancement to re hydrate your boilie's after air drying in flavors NRG, Activ-8,Assassin-8 pt10, Activ-Maple8,Fuzion,

Pulse, Cell,Pro-

active pineapple 175ml £9-99

Active Ade Particle & pellet syrup 500ml bottle in flavors, condensed coconutparticle & pellet syrupt milk,




Pineapple juice

Tiger nut.


ResResponce carp pelletsponse carp Pellets 400g or 5kg bags in flavors.


Grange CSL.


Assassin-8PT10, Activ-Maple-8, Pulse, Cell.

Fuzion and Pro-Activ Pineapple.

400g bag £2-50 5kilo bag £19-99.


High Impact Groundbait in 2kg tub flavours are Activated Hempseed, Activated Nut Mix and Activated Fish Mix.


Pro-Active Base Mix

1kg Bag

Available In 13 different Flavours. Most Popular being Activ-8, Assassin-8 PT10, Activ Maple-8, Fuzion and The Cell

Prices Start From 1kg bag £4.95.



Activ-8 Response Pellets

In Flavours

Assassin-8, Fusion and etc

In 5kg Bag £19.99

In 400g Bag £2.50

Mainline Additives

In Flavours

N-R-GIZER, Activator, Cell Activator, Pulse Activator, Activ Maple-8 Activator and etc.

250ml Bottle Prices Start From £9.95