Sea Fishing Baits

We now are taking orders for fresh black suey and peeler crab please give 3 days notice.


We always have in stock Frozen Black Suey

Mackerel, Squid, Sand Eel, Blueys, razor fish are in stock, along with a good supply of frozen peeler crab.

We will update our site regularly with details of fresh Peeler Crab and Black Suey .


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black lugBlack lug commonly know as suey our customer's rate our suey as the best in the Northwest sold in a wrap of 10 for £3-80

Peeler Crab we get a good suPeeler Crabpply of fresh peeler orders taken for fresh worm and peeler crab,we also have a good supply of frozen

Razor fish is a very underrated bait but those that no use it all the time

razor fish

sold in packs of 10 for £2-50.



Chinese calamari party squid Party squidgreat sea bait for all kind of species comes into its own in winter sold in 500 gram packets frozen £2.75.

calamari squid

California calamari squid good all round bait as above comes into its in winter sold in frozen 1lb boxes £3-00.

Mackerel Fillets 4 on a pack




BLUEYSBlueys are similar to mackerel they have come into there own over last few years, and are used by many of today's pike anglers.