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Harrison Advanced Rods

Here at Wirral Angling Centre we are proud of our long association with local supplier Harrison Advanced Rods of Liverpool. We can supply any rod from the Harrison range and have them custom built to the customer,s specification direct from Harrison,s themselves.

Harrison's are the UK's no 1 Specialist Rod and Blank Manufacturer. They manufacture in Liverpool England, the world famous GTi match, Ballista, Chimera and Torrix Carp Rods, Lorhic Fly rods, Torrix Beach, VHF Spin and so much more. They also distribute to the trade Owner Hooks, Kigan rod rings, stainless steel cork and other rod building components

Torrix Rods

The Torrix  range have been both the hardest and the most rewarding rod Harrison have ever designed. They do not believe in bringing out new models unless they are clearly different or better than what has gone before.

Torrix is the latest Steve Harrison designed  Carp Rod series. It utilizes new tapers and new materials to produce fantastic performance at low diameter and weight. The butt and tip utilize two different carbon fibres in the zero axis to achieve low down casting power with forgiving no lock-up characteristics in the middle and tip. At ninety degrees is a ribcage of super lightweight carbon which controls the rod in compression. How the carbon performs in compression is as important in a bending rod as the way the fibres perform in tension.

Harrison aim for a design which balances the compression and tension performance to optimize the balance between casting and playing fish. The butt of the rod is given a surface ply of  1k carbon fabric which strengthens the rod, improves hoop strength and reduces torque. It looks pretty good too!.

Should you wish view a Torrix custom built rod before you purchase then please phone the shop this can be arranged with relativity short notice

Torrix Rods Harrison spend every day thinking about and designing carp rods, and they have and do work with many of the top names in carp fishing, but coming up with something really new is hard. Not for them the product each year with a new name on an old rod with a new colour or trim. They will not launch a new rod until it clearly has something more to offer.

Chimera and Ballista may have been out a few years but improving on them has been very difficult. All around the world Harrison's staff meet anglers who are reluctant to change their ten year old Ballista's, but in early 2005 Harrison developed a new way of rolling blanks that has helped them to launch a new range of world beating products

Martin Pick with his 43lb fish

Martin Pick with his 43lb fish taken with his Torrix