Kirk Farrell 98lb Catfish River Ebro,


Kirk Farrell and his 98lb catfish

Mr R Lang 42lb Catfish River Ebro Spain

Robbie Lang

Gavin Williams (The Jockey RIP) @50lb-4oz

Gavin Williams




Kirk Farrell

France 2008 58lb lake record (SUMO)

Bait Mainline Maple-8 boilie

Kirk Farrell With Sumo @58LB

Karl Hughes age 14 France 46lb-10oz PB Bait Richworth KG1 boilie small pva bag Karl Hughes

Peter Henery France 08 51lb-12oz bait

mainline fuzion

River Ebro Spain

Alex Paterson age 16, 137lb wels Catfish,

9 X 22MM Halibut pellets on a hair rig.

Alex Paterson

David Simpkins France 42lb 10oz

Bait Mainline Fuzion boilie

David Simpkins

Ali Hamidi, Danny Fairbrass, Kirk Farrell, Peter Henery, Amiee Scally

Andrew Lench age 15 32lb-8oz pb common brookside

Peter Henery

FRANCE 2008 52lb 6oz.

Bait Mainline pineapple pop-up

Peter Henery with his pb

Paul Simpkins 49lb-14oz France.

Bait Mainline Pulse boilie PB

Paul Simpkins

Michael Farrell France 46lb 12oz PB

Bait Mainline Maple-8 boilie

Michael Farrell


Brian Metcalfe 25lb-10oz PB Bait Mainline Activ-8