Wirral, Merseyside and District Carp Forum.

Macmillan Cancer Support

A Brief History.

The forum is based on the Carp Society;s regional meeting those that remember, will tell you when the meeting were held in the Wirral they were the most attended through out the country. Started by Peter Henery and Alan Jones in 2006 they approached the local tackle shops for support. They then approached Kirk Farrell to help them, this come at time when Kirk and his family were using Macmillan when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Kirk then rallied the trade to get behind the project, with all monies raised going to Macmillan Cancer Support.The whole idea of our forum is to bring to the Wirral some of the top carp anglers in the UK those that we all read about in angling press and to get them to explain there thinking, rigs, and how they approach there carp fishing.

Our 1st show was in February 2007 when Matt Hayes was our guest


Kirk, Matt, Peter and Alan

Our 1st year we had displays from Korda Developments

Aqua products

Sensas Carp.

Environment Agency.

English Carp Heritage Organization  (ECHO)

Get Hooked on Fishing.

Local Tackle Shops

Sky Lakes LTD

who donated a weeks fishing in France on there lake which formed part of the fabulous raffle prizes.

matt mingling with the crowd

Matt with Aimee scally regional fundraiser for the Northwest Matt Hayes & Aimme Scally

Tim of sky lakes you generously donated a holiday to france Tim of Sky Lakes

The format for each show is straight forward the generosity of local tackle trade in giving raffle prizes is fantastic, the trade then donate prizes, the guests buy raffle tickets, and if your number comes up you pick a prize of the prize table. a example of prizes are rod,s, 42" landing net, reels, to many to mention all the prizes are of excellent quality.

Matt Presenting a Prize

The show is not and never will be a car boot sale of fishing tackle.

Its for friends old a new to get together, and see the latest products from some top manufacturers in the industry, and were they can purchase them, and of course raise as much money for a cause that effects 1 in 3 of us.

It was most definitely was a chance for carpers young or old to get together and enjoy an evening with Matt who grapped the attention of hundreds of anglers with a dynamic and informative presentation about his career, his highlights, and how happy his was to give his time to support Macmillan Cancer Support, at an evening which raised £2.500

Remember there is no specialist after sale service on internet auction sites.

Support your Local Tackle Shop,s   for 1st rate information and after sales support.


" We are extremely excited about how the event went, of course our guest speaker Matt Hayes was a real highlight, and together with existing and new friends of the angling world taking time to raise money for Macmillan, it most certainly was a evening to remember, we meet an angling celebrity, shared stories, got tips and raised lots of money for Macmillan"

We Are Macmillan

Wirral, Merseyside and District Carp Forum.

Well we did get it on with" The Don" on the 20/02/09 and although the event is over for another year what a major success it was.

Derek,s show was a good laugh and at times informative and his generosity was at times overwhelming and the the feedback we received from the people who attended was positive everyone appreciated the effort he but in and the distance he had to travel to make it to the wirral

Derek "The Don" Ritchie

The support for the raffle was stunning and although the numbers were down on the previous year everyone dug deep to support the cause.

Keith Williams of Viper Bait Boats did a short presentation which stirred up up a lot of interest for the auction.

One of the main highlights of the evening was the auction with an exclusive week in France for up to 8 people kindly donated by Tony Heron of Tag Carp Tours,

on his own lake Las Saulepaquot this was auctioned and raised a staggering £1200.00.

We sincerely thank Tony for his generosity and of course with winning bidder

tag carp tours

He commented "I was thrilled to help with such a great cause the organization from start to finish was superb its one of the best events we,ve done, well done to all the lads and i,am only willing to do it all again next year "

And a new Viper Icon Bait Boat donated by Viper which was auctioned for £290.00.

Keith Williams commented " This is a cause that's close to mine and i,am sure many peoples,s heart we were delighted by the response we had and are willing to do it all again next year thanks for the invite kirk"

Bernie Robinson with Derek

Another auction was for 2 people to fish with Derek for three nights on 1 of the top syndicate waters in the uk Cleverly Mere kindly donated by Ben Lofting of Cleverly Fisheries this raised £180.00.

Our greatfull thanks go to Ben Lofting

David Simpkins with Derek

The total raised this year was a tremendous £2666.50.

that takes the total over 3 years to £8769.00

Our sincere thanks go to our friends in the trade as without them we would not have raised this amount of money.

Derek Ritchie

Tag Carp Tours

Viper Bait Boats

Fox International

Mainline Baits

Aqua Products

Drennan International/E.S.P

Sky Lakes LTD

Total Carp / Advanced Carp Fishing Magazines.

The Carp Society.

Pendle View Fishery.

R. H Fisheries / The Monument

Get Hooked on Fishing

Environment Agency

Warrington Anglers Assocation


And of course all the northern carp anglers for your support on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support we thank you.








We Are Macmillan

Then in Feb.. of 2008 our special guest was none other than Danny Fairbrass boss of Korda Developments Ltd

Danny, Kirk, Peter, Aimmee

Danny gave what 250 guests thought was a fabulous and informative slide show that had audience in total silence for two and half hours, backing us at that show was.


Dynamite Baits.

Total Carp Magazine

Advanced Carp Magazine.

Aqua Products

The Fat Carp Company

Protak Clothing Company

Local Tackle Shops.

Ali, Danny,Kirk, Peter and Amiee

The audience listening to Danny the audience

Total Carp and Advanced Magazines with Jon Bones Jon Bones ofTotal Carp

Dynamite Baits stand with some of there products Dynamite Baits Stand

Danny on stage note the fabulous prizes in the background Danny on stage

This year the Fat Carp Company donated a weeks fishing on their lake Etang Negreloube in the Limoges region of France.

The prize included flights, meals, and of course the fishing, this was auctioned off and sold for £500-00

Guest,s in the lobby

Prizes donated from tackle firms included.

Drennan International.



Dynamite Baits.

Fox International

Total Carp Magazine.

Aqua Products.

The Carp Society.

R. H Fisheries.

Pendle View Fisheries.

Total Carp

One lucky gentlemen took a gamble and choice the mystery prize which was a brown envelope. His prize was later presented to him by Marc Coulson overall Editor of Total Carp and Advanced Carp Magazine,s. His prize a Fox Euro Easy Dome XS with a retail value of £349-99. Some gamble.

Aimee Scally, Community Fundraiser for the Wirral/Northwest is overjoyed at the amount of commitment and hard work Peter, Kirk, Paul, and Team have all put into making the evening a success, and knows that the evening could not have been without all there hard work.

"Its amazing to see and work with such dedicated members of the local community who are taking time to involve Macmillan into their lives, raising money to help those affected by cancer in the local area. I cannot say thank you enough times, they have been fabulous fundraiser's and i really look forward to working with them again towards 2009".

Kirk said.

"" We were overwhelmed yet again at the success of the event, and of course our guest speaker Danny Fairbrass was a real highlight. As someone who has first hand experience of the devasting effect cancer not only has on the patient, but the whole of the family. I feel that if by this and future events we can ease the suffering of anyone in our community then its worthwhile. And together with existing and new friends of the angling world we will continue to raise money for Macmillan, it certainly was an evening to remember, we met a true carp angler who gave up his valuable time for our cause, shared stories, got tips and raised money for a charity...what a perfect mix"

Thanks go to all the Angling Public, the Trade, and Local Tackle Shops, this event raised £3552.49.

Making the Grand Total at just over.